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About Type Studio

How we started

We started Type Studio because we got frustrated with the way video editing is today! A typical video editing experience is counterintuitive when compared to everything within the modern conventions of UI design and functionality. There are so many buttons, dials, knobs, settings, and keyboard shortcuts to remember, that learning how it all works becomes in and of itself an exercise in patience and resolve. For content-focused video editing, you don’t need most of the features offered by most editing software, and the barrier to entry is very steep — you have to own a machine capable of running these programs and know-how all of the functions work.

How it's going

Currently, we have our office in Berlin, Germany. Our team consists of 8 members, including developers, designers, and marketers. If you want to learn more about us personally, visit our LinkedIn page. We welcome any connections and appreciate any personal exchanges. Feel free to reach out!

What's next

We are constantly developing and improving Type Studio. The most important thing is your feedback. We're always happy to jump on a call with everyone who wants to provides feedback and has feature requests. Alternatively, you can of course just send us an email. By providing feedback we can develop Type Studio exactly according to your needs. There are still many cool features that are already on our roadmap waiting to be developed. So stay tuned!