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How to resize your video with Type Studio

This is a short little tutorial that explains how you can resize your videos by using Type Studio.

In short

In this article, you will learn how to resize your video online. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Get started

Log in or Sign up

First things first: To resize your video online you need to create a Type Studio account click here or log in your existing Type Studio account .
If you have problems to create an account
click here to get instructions on how to create an account.

Sign up for Type Studio

Upload your video

After logging in you will be redirected to the project overview of Type Studio. To resize your video, you first have to upload your video.

Type Studio upload page

The editor

On the left side, you now have the auto-generated transcript. If there are some spelling mistakes you can easily correct the transcript. The right side, the video canvas, is now in important to resize your video or for example rotate your video.

Type Studio video editor

Resize your video

To resize your video you have to hover above the video and grab one of the appearing corner points.
While grabbing, move your mouse to the left or the right and scale your video.

Video resizing

Change video format

Often times when you resize your video, you want to change the format of the video too. To change the format, click on the button right above your video inside of Type Studio and choose from one of the formats.

Type Studio offers 7 format presets :

  • Original: Your original uploaded video format.
  • Square: Instagram feed
  • Landscape: Used by YouTube and Vimeo - standard for videos on the web
  • Portrait: For YoutubeShorts, Instagram Story or reels and TikToks.
  • Horizontal Post: Best for Twitter or Facebook.
  • Vertical Post: Alternative format for Twitter or Facebook videos.
  • Pinterst: Special format for Pinterest.
Change aspect ratio


You made it! You learned how to resize your video online. Now you can hit the export button in the top right corner and get your resized video.

If you want to know
how to add text to your video, click here.

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