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How to share your videos with Type Studio

This is a short little tutorial that explains how you can share your videos by using Type Studio.

In short

In this article, you will learn about the sharing page and how to share your video the easy way.

Get started

Open Type Studio

First create a: Type Studio account or login to Type Studio if you already have an account.

Upload video

After logging into Type Studio with your email and password you will be redirected to the dashboard or project overview. To upload a new video click on the card in the upper left corner, which is marked with a plus sign.


At this point, you need to wait till the transcription is finished.

Edit your video

Now its your time to edit your video. Take a look if you want to know how to correct the transcript.
If you are interested how to
edit your video check out this resource.

Export Video

When you are happy with your video, hit the export button in the top right corner

Type Studio export options


The rendering will take a short amount of time, depending on your video length. You can either wait or close your browser and we will send you an email when the rendering is finished.

In Progress Rendering

Export finished

After the rendering, you will be redirected to the sharing page of your video. If you have closed the browser, you can click on the URL we sent you via the mail to get to the sharing screen.

You can always get to your exported videos via the dashboard. Simply hover over the video and click on the green Button saying open result. If the button is blue, the export/rendering is still in progress. If the button is grey, the export hasn't started yet. if the button is red, there is an error.

Sharing Page Back To Page

Sharing page - explained

The sharing page is a webpage, only for you and your content.
on the sharing page can download or watch your video, read the transcript or do both at the same time!

The sharing page is great for sharing your content with your colleagues, your boss, or your customers because they can decide if they want to read or to watch the video.

Make sharing page public

To share your video sharing page with someone, you have to set the toggle in the top right corner on the public. When you set your video sharing page on public, everybody with the URL can access this webpage.

Sharing Page Public Toggle

Share or embed

To get the sharing link or embed the video on your website click on "Copy Link" (1) to open the context menu.
Click on "Copy Link"(2) to get the URL to your video sharing page.
Click on "Copy Snippet"(3) to get the embedcode.

Sharing Copy Link

Add Headline

On the sharing page, you are able to add a short headline to your content. Just click on the text "Give your article a short headline!", enter your headline and confirm it with a click on the checkmark.

Sharing Page Add Headline

Pop up video

To read and watch your video, you can decide if you want the video window on top of your article, or if you want to float it next to the text. To switch between the modes, click on the "pop-up Video" toggle.

pop out video

Jump in the video

To navigate through the video, simply click on the word in the text and the video will play from the position you clicked in the text - like magic.

Sharing Page Jump Through Words