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Type Studio Tools

Easy to use video editing tools online in your browser. Cut, trim, crop, add subtitles, transcribe, video templates, and much more!

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Advanced tools

Type Studio supports much more than just these common video editing features.

Auto Pause Removal

Automatically deletes all you think pauses from your video to make it more snappy and appealing.

Video to Text

Turn your video into a written text that you can embed as a blog article on your website or share it online by a link.

Rotate Video

Rotate your video into every position. Bring your portrait videos in landscape. Or simply mirror them.

Audio to Video

Create videos from your audio. Ideally made for creating visual content from your podcast recording.

Export Highlights

Create highlight snippets from your long-form video by just marking the transcribed text area.

Add Emojis to Video

Add Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, or stock images to your video. Make your videos more fun and engaging.