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Rotate your video online

Type Studio lets you rotate a video in every position for the easiest and fasted editing experience. Bring your portrait videos in landscape format or the other way around.

The interface of Type Studio's video editor

Used by the world's leading companies

Rotate your video

Rotating your videos can be helpful when you repurpose your video content. Turn vertical video horizontal or vice versa.


Sometimes your video is not perfectly aligned and it must be realigned.


Mirror your video on the vertical or horizontal axis per drag and drop.

90 degree

Classic 90 degree turns with our snap in interface make it super easy.

Illustration of Type Studio first feature

90 degrees rotation

Drag and drop your video file into Type Studio and rotate it in the preview. Our intuitive, interactive snapping lines allow you pixel-perfect movement. No editing skills needed to bring rotate your video 90 degree and move it precisely into place.

Flip your file upside down

Do fun things and turn your video upside down or rotate your video to give it a nice angel that ensures attention. You can also use the rotation of the videos to compensate for any imbalances in the recording.

Illustration of Type Studio second feature

Online video rotator workflow

How to rotate a video?

Video rotation as simple as possible

Why rotating your video is helpful?

Flip video

Rotate video until it is upside down. Create unique content. Add some text as a headline or activate the subtitles to further improve your videos.


Instead of a rotated video, you can also mirror it. Grab one of the corners of the video preview and drag it to the other side. This way your file will be mirrored.

360 degrees

Put your video in any possible position. Our tool gives you 360 degrees of freedom to rotate your video. Everything online and for free.

How to rotate your video?

Let Alex explain it to you.

What our creators say

Over +80,000 creators and companies use Type Studio to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Ryan Hoover


I'm into this



3 digital skills you can learn with $0 investment, in a week:

1. Design creatives with @canva
2. Build WEbsite with @dorik_io
3. Video creation and editing with @editwithtype

Igor Zalutski


You guys are addressing a major pain point - there indeed is no easy way to do what these days most videos are recorded for. Very cool!

Carlo Thissen


To all video creators: check out @editwithtype - the UX is slick

Lidia Vijga


For our latest #startup review, we used Type Studio's tools to create a video review on Type Studio @editwithtype

Zara Nazim


This is so useful! Thanks for creating it!

Jens Polomski


If it's about video, all you need it @editwithtype

Richard Byrne


Trying out a new video editing tool right now and I just let out my first "whoa! that's awesome!" about any video editor in a very long time.

Espree Devora


Best way to edit a podcast with no podcasting experience is to use @editwithtype, they magically transcribe your audio/video file to easily edit like it's a word doc.

Languages currently supported

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

More than rotating a video

Text-based video editing offers so many more ways to edit your content-focused videos.

Feature Set of Type Studio

Create outstanding videos with ease

Once your media is uploaded into Type Studio, you can add subtitles, translate them into different languages or simply cut it. One great way to create content for all your platform is the repurpose function. Duplicate your project and take different highlights and change the aspect ratio.

Use Type Studio to rotate your video file online.

Type Studio is an online video editor that helps you to rotate your video online within a few simple steps. 1. Upload your video to Type Studio. 2. Grab a corner and move the video on the canvas in the right position. 3. Hit the "Export" button and download the output. Btw it's free to use!

How do I rotate a video and save it?

Every video you upload to Type Studio is stored online. When you do a change to the video it will be automatically saved. You can rotate your video into any position.

How do I rotate a video 90 degrees?

Type Studio has intuitive, interactive snapping lines that allow you pixel-perfect movement. It always locks in place when you rotate the video 90 degrees or center it or align it to an edge.