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Translate audio to text

Type Studio is an editor that automatically translates your audio files with the latest speech-to-text technology in any language.

The interface of Type Studio's video editor

Used by the world's leading companies

Translate audio and video files

Do you want to translate your mp3 or video with ease? Use Type Studio to automatically generate translations.

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Precise audio translator

Automated transcription services become more and more popular. Transcribing your audio by hand is painful and time-consuming. Transcribing audio was never so easy. With Type Studio, you can convert audio to text in a few minutes. Upload your audio to our tool. We support a bunch of formats. Export the transcript as a .txt file or copy the text to your clipboard.

Translate audio in multiple languages

You can choose from many different languages to translate audio to text. Our speech recognition picks up your words and translates them into the language you want. Simply upload your audio file and choose the right language that Type Studio should translate it in. Our software uses the latest speech recognition technology provided by Google to translate speech into text.

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Speech to text translation workflow

How to translate your mp3 file?

Why translating your audio to text?

Automatic speech recognition saves hours of manual translation time.

1. More accessibility

When you translate audio to text you allow access to your content for people who speak another language. Others may prefer reading to listening. For example, if you want to transcribe your meetings and give them to others in written form.

2. Create a new piece of content

There are many ways to use your audio in text form. You can use the transcript to easily turn it into a blog article post and increase your website traffic. Or send the transcribed file to people who prefer to read your content in written form.

3. Improve the discoverability

Searching content using text is still the fastest method. With a transcript of your audio, you can search easily your whole file which is super helpful especially if you have long interviews or podcast recordings.

How to translate your media

Let Alex explain how translation works.

What our creators say

Over +80,000 creators and companies use Type Studio to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Ryan Hoover


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1. Design creatives with @canva
2. Build WEbsite with @dorik_io
3. Video creation and editing with @editwithtype

Igor Zalutski


You guys are addressing a major pain point - there indeed is no easy way to do what these days most videos are recorded for. Very cool!

Carlo Thissen


To all video creators: check out @editwithtype - the UX is slick

Lidia Vijga


For our latest #startup review, we used Type Studio's tools to create a video review on Type Studio @editwithtype

Zara Nazim


This is so useful! Thanks for creating it!

Jens Polomski


If it's about video, all you need it @editwithtype

Richard Byrne


Trying out a new video editing tool right now and I just let out my first "whoa! that's awesome!" about any video editor in a very long time.

Espree Devora


Best way to edit a podcast with no podcasting experience is to use @editwithtype, they magically transcribe your audio/video file to easily edit like it's a word doc.

Languages currently supported

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

More than just a text converter

There are so many transcriptions tools out there. Related to our research the accuracy is crucial and should require less post-correction. However, Type Studio brings so much more to the table.

Feature Set of Type Studio

Text-based editing

Sometimes your audio and video files need some editing. Type Studio is the perfect way to go because you actually do the editing based on the audio transcription. Cut out mistakes and bloopers to make professional audio, video files.

Can I translate an audio file into text?

Yes, you can use Type Studio as an automatic transcription service to convert audio to text. It's free to use. We use Google's speech recognition service to convert your speech to text.

How do I translate audio to text for free?

Type Studio is free for transcribing audio. Just upload your mp3 file and it will be transcribed into text online with high quality. The transcription is +95% accurate. Translate the first part of your video for free.

How can I convert audio to text online?

With Type Studio you can convert your audio files online to text. Drag and drop your audio file into our editor and it will automatically start to transcribe your audio. Everything runs online in the browser.