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Customizable video template library

Create your own video template from scratch or browse one of our high-quality templates to create a memorable video for any purpose.

The interface of Type Studio's video editor

Used by the world's leading companies

Benefit of video templates

We know how time-consuming it is to create great videos. That's why we've created templates with Type Studio to make your life easier.


Create your video templates in minutes not hours.


Create once and apply your style to all videos.


Choose from beautiful designed templates.

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The easy way for powerful video

Browse through our large range of pre-build templates. For all use-cases we have created layouts that will make your video perform better. Selected with a single click.

Create once use everywhere

Create your own branded design templates once and use them for all your future videos. Repurpose your template into all aspect ratios to use your video on all platforms.

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How to use templates in Type Studio

Create or apply templates to your videos within a few clicks

How to use templates tutorial

Let Alex explain it to you.

What our creators say

Over +80,000 creators and companies use Type Studio to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Ryan Hoover


I'm into this



3 digital skills you can learn with $0 investment, in a week:

1. Design creatives with @canva
2. Build WEbsite with @dorik_io
3. Video creation and editing with @editwithtype

Igor Zalutski


You guys are addressing a major pain point - there indeed is no easy way to do what these days most videos are recorded for. Very cool!

Carlo Thissen


To all video creators: check out @editwithtype - the UX is slick

Lidia Vijga


For our latest #startup review, we used Type Studio's tools to create a video review on Type Studio @editwithtype

Zara Nazim


This is so useful! Thanks for creating it!

Jens Polomski


If it's about video, all you need it @editwithtype

Richard Byrne


Trying out a new video editing tool right now and I just let out my first "whoa! that's awesome!" about any video editor in a very long time.

Espree Devora


Best way to edit a podcast with no podcasting experience is to use @editwithtype, they magically transcribe your audio/video file to easily edit like it's a word doc.

Languages currently supported

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

More than just add text to videos

Type Studio is much more than your typical video editor. Our program helps you in all parts of content creation. Record, edit and distribute your videos to your socials in one workflow.

Feature Set of Type Studio

A text-based editor that runs in your browser

Type Studio is completely running online. That means you don't need to download any software. Simple upload your video add text and share it right away. But besides adding text to your videos Type Studio has some exciting other capabilities which you definitely should check out.


Use Type Studio for creating templates that perform on your distribution platforms.

I Love Free Stuff!
Where can I get free video templates?

You can choose from a variety of pre-built video templates in our video editor. They are all for free and available in all aspect ratios. No matter if your video is in 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16

What is the best video template?

It really depends on your use case. If you create a more business-orientated video you should go with a more serious and solid-looking template. If you want to create a funny video for your social media you can go fancy to grab as much attention as possible. We have created templates for all kinds of use-cases.

How do I make a video template?

In Type Studio you can either create your own template from scratch. You can add images, text overlays, headlines, and subtitles to make your video unique. You can save your draft and use it over and over again.